Toys and games specialist

Eurojouets, family company (3rd generation), is in the toy business since 1935. We have 2 1.000 m2 sales points located in Wavre and Gembloux.

Eurojouets Wavre (www.festymarket.be) is specialised in toys, games and party articles.

Eurojouets Gembloux (www.autominiature.be)is specialised in toys, games and vehicles miniatures.

In order to ensure the best choice and the best price, in October 2018, following restructuring, we join the "jouéclub" buying group based in France, created in 1955 and with 340 independent stores, located in Belgium, France, Italy, Andorra, Monaco, Lebanon, Morocco, ...


eurojouets wavre

An experimented team that listen to your needs

Sector professionals, all our collaborators have a great experience in the toys and games industry. They will be more than happy to advise you best in choosing the right gifts, toys, games, educational games and disguise you need for any type of occasions.


“Long date customer, I like the service quality and the huge choice available at Eurojouets Wavre. You can find there everything for any type of occasion.

Emeric Stels - Bierges